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Bell has a long post up about elitism at 4Haelz, which inspired this post.

First, /signed. Second, I understand completely where she’s coming from. As someone who has limited playtime, I like to maximize  what I can do in that time. Yesterday was good…two heroics in a bit under two hours (including a break while the daily popped). Day before; 1.5 hours in H Oculus, didn’t finish. Frustrating. Pretty much, here’s my standards:

  • Hardmode (not that I do them, due to time): Fully enchanted/gemmed/glyphed/flasked/foodbuffed (only the best), best gear possible, willingness to change out gearsets/talents for better raid buffs/composition, ability to stay out of fire 95% of the time, excellent skill at assigned role.
  • Prog raid: Fully enchanted/gemmed/glyphed/flasked/foodbuffed (second-tier enhancements okay), good gear, proper talents, ability to stay out of fire 90% of the time, good skill.
  • Farm raid: Mostly enchanted/gemmed/glyphed, reasonable talents, ability to stay out of fire 80% of the time, okay gear, okay skill.
  • Heroic: Don’t be bad, know that fire is not pretty.
  • All: Good attitude (or silence), ask questions if you don’t understand something, be reliable (random long afk’s are bad).

I don’t think those standards are elitist. Pretty much, if you don’t meet those standards, your raid will fail to complete the objective, which wastes everyone’s time and drains morale. The difficulty I’ve run into as a raidleader is telling people they don’t meet standards in a way that inspires them to get better, not quit.

On a related note, I also don’t really have a grudge against people who ask for overly high standards for PUG groups. (i.e. full Epic for Naxx, etc.). By doing so, you’re trading group formation time for a better chance that you’ll clear the instance, which is never a bad thing. I think it’s misguided (those groups usually never fill, and even when they do, half of them are either achievement fakers or people for whom gear != skill), but I’m not opposed.


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