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Well, as 2009 draws to a close (yes I’m early but I’m spending time with my family over New Year’s), I’d like to take a quick look back, and throw out some ideas for 2010.

My first post was Obligatory Intro Post, on July 1st of this year. I didn’t really have big plans for the blog, just wanted a chance to do some writing, and WoW seemed to be a good topic. Got a few visits from guildies, but my two posts on ArPen in 3.2 got some good publicity (thanks, Kalon) and things have gone up from there.

Overall stats for the last year:

  • Views: 45,200 (wow!)
  • Posts: 71
  • Comments: 209

2010 Plans


  • Get ready to find a new guild. (/sob) Sadly, I am moving back to the States from Korea in three weeks, and will have to bid farewell to my Oceanic guildies. (Guys, I’m planning on leaving my deathlock on Cael for now, so I’ll still be around, just at odd times.) If anyone’s looking for a feral DPS/off-tank/off-off-resto starting sometime in early Feb, let me know. Alliance PVE, 8-1130ish EST 2-3nights per week, progression focused is what I’m looking for.
  • Get enough frosts to get my 4pT10 for cat spec
  • Finally solo Prince Malchezzar in Kara (haven’t tried in a few months)
  • Start an alt to learn JC, so I don’t have to keep bugging guildies for gem cuts


  • Kitty DPS guide/3.3 gearing guide is in the works and should be released soon
  • Design the site (I would say redesign but I’ve never actually designed it other than picking a theme…I need a banner or something)
  • Move to a self-hosted domain (I’m tired of wordpress.com not letting me have wowhead tooltips, among other things)
  • Stop forgetting to tag posts
  • Add some more resto content, and maybe some basic moonkin content

Happy New Year, all!


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Melee Hit Table FAQ

This page has moved to my new site! Please visit http://fluiddruid.net/2009/12/melee-hit-table-faq/.

Against a level 83/boss mob, you character has a 24% chance to have its attack be a “glancing blow.” This does less damage than a normal attack, but more importantly, there is no way to mitigate glancing blow chance.

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A letter to a trinket

Dear [Death’s Verdict],

We haven’t been seeing each other very long, and I’m starting to have some concerns. I felt like I was the luckiest man alive when I won you over your many other suitors; and indeed, we’ve put up some beautiful numbers together. Now, though, I feel like you’re trying to change me, whenever we’re with our friends. I’ve always had a certain taste in jewelry, and your intoxicating effect makes my old gemstones…well…not so great any more. In order to look my greatest, I’ll have to find some new cuts, but my old ones accessorized all my forms so well! I know I can’t let you go, but times like this sometimes make me long for my days in blue.

Your favorite cat,

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Kalon at Thinktank recently posted his feelings on being a tank for random instances, which has generated quite a few comments. Go read his post, but summed up, he says that he’s in a random dungeon solely for his Frosts, and he wants to get in and get out. He doesn’t care about people doing low dps, as long as they don’t do anything that wipes the group.

As usual, I (mostly) agree with him. Here’s my rules when I’m in a random group (typically tanking):

  • No chat abuse, period. I don’t care where we are in the dungeon; I don’t care what the situation is. It’s a game. I had a H UP run ysterday (on my lock, unfortunately) where the DK was doing double the DPS of the others, constantly let us know about it, told the healer he sucked, etc. Yes, the healer wasn’t very good, the tank wasn’t much better…but “haha lol u suk at wow” doesn’t really help things, does it? Said DPS got himself kicked right before the last boss. Enjoy your requeue time, boyo.
  • I don’t care what your DPS or gearscore or whatever, is, really, with the exception of HoR. I can do 3k+ DPS while tanking, so things are going to die eventually. (I really wish there was a JerkScore addon, though.) If you pull aggro, I’ll taunt something, but if you’re melee, you might end up dying.
  • I generally prefer a very fast pace, but I usually take the first few pulls a bit slower to figure out how well the healer can keep up. If the healer’s undergeared or less experienced, I have no problems slowing down. DPS, guess what? I care about the healer’s mana and position, not yours. Your “omg go already” remarks are quite easily ignored. (On the flip side, this is why I hate running instances as a non-tank, since so many tanks take FOREVER to pull.)
  • If I’m in the instance as a random dungeon, I’m not really interested in doing achievements or extra bosses, but I’ll give it a try if asked nicely. I reserve the right to say no (as in the HUP run earlier where one of the dps was asking to do an achievement even though the healer was struggling to keep people alive).

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Quick math fun

Followup to yesterday’s post (stats stuff):

If the droprate for the Hilt is 0.25%(UPDATE: Now appears to be 0.1%), and all mobs drop it at that same rate, then you have X chance of seeing it at least once after Y kills:

  • 50%: 277 693
  • 75%: 554 1386
  • 90%: 920 2301
  • 95%: 1197 2995
  • 99%: 1840 4600

To put this in context, a full run of all three dungeons usually kills about ~100 mobs.

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(Reason #27 feral druids are OP)

So, Blizzard may have nerfed the ability for all classes to farm for the Hilt from the non-elite Slaves in Pit of Saron…but bears can still farm quite well, and you don’t need uber gear to do it. (Oddly enough, the thought of a bear wearing a straw hat and chewing on a cornstalk just entered my head.)

The Soulguard Watchmen (large skeletons) in Forge of Souls are your ticket to hilt-dom. They only come in packs of two, have a very slow swing speed, and don’t hit overly hard through Savage Defense. Their only “tricks” are a temporary spell-reflect and a 10s on-hit  +10% damage/attack speed stacking buff they can start accumulating at 50% health. This leads to the following pull strats:

  • Safer: Root one on the pull, and start whacking the other. Infected Wounds slows them dramatically, so run away and heal/re-root if you need to (be careful of the reflect). You only want one to be sub-50%, to cut down on the buff accumulation, and if the buff starts getting high (4-5 stacks), just run away for 10s until the buff drops.
  • Faster (need to be reasonably geared): Taking advantage of the Glyph of Maul, just tank and kill them both. Alternate Mangles and Lacerates on the two (or you can just swipe, but that’s boring). Pop Berserk and Barkskin sub-50%; use Survival Instincts/Frenzied Regen as needed. Kite if needed.

Each two-pull should take you 1-2 minutes, depending on strat and gear. (Cat gear works fine…cat spec would be iffy but should be fine with the safer strategy.) Go kitty and stealth to get from pull to pull, just be sure to leave yourself some kite room if you need it. Also, try to avoid the “skull bomb” points, as they can be fatal if you’re running away to heal. Note: Even if you’re not playing an OP class, any tank class can farm the 2 at the start and reset; problem is you can only enter five instances per hour.

There’s 4 two-pulls in the instance, which I can generally clear in about 8-10 minutes. Once you’re done, either stealth back out (slow) or remove your gear and hop off a platform. 🙂 Reset your instance, and repeat as desired. Best guess on Hilt droprate right now is about 0.25% per mob, so 50 runs (5 runs an hour is doable) should be about average for the hilt to drop. (New wowhead data shows the droprate at 0.1%…so figure on a lot more runs.)YMMV. Good luck! 🙂

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Bits of Random Content

Since I don’t have the fortitude yet for a lengthy post (wtb RL PW:F) I’ll add a few of my thoughts from the last week, in faux-Twitter handy bulleted format.

  • To the PUG mage in FoS: I was all prepared to bitch about you after you ripped aggro off me on the second trash pack…but then you pulled this hot little frost nova/blink/poly combo out. We’re cool.
  • To the hunter in PoS who continually frost-trapped the farthest-away mob, without asking: Even though I didn’t need the CC, much love, bro, much love.
  • To the warlock in FoS who lifetapped down to 33%, killed himself via spell-reflect, then blamed the healer: Go die in (your own) fire. Here’s a tip…tanks and healers are hard to find, but I can fill a DPS spot in about 30s.
  • To me in FoS: That little room with a trash pack is a good spot for an LOS pull…but when you’re backing away over the little bridge to LOS, make sure to, you know, not fall off. D’oh.
  • To Krag, the best priest healer I know: Thanks for sticking out my HoR learning curve. I cried a little inside every time the footman/mercenary one-shot you. I did. Really.
  • To Ela, the best resto druid I know: No, you can’t kite the blood beasts on Saurfang by jumping off the platform and then flying back in…thanks for trying the jumping part though! 🙂
  • To the pally healer in the pug TOGC-10 I joined two nights ago: Yes, I know I’ve never healed TOGC before, and yes, I know you have a big advantage in gearscore…but I’m pretty sure that you’re suppposed to use Holy Light for tank healing on the beasts…FOL/HS isn’t going to cut it. If I’m outhealing you ON THE TANKS…there’s a problem, I think. (And no, we never got past the beasts.)
  • To Blizzard: The new LFG system is crazy good; grats on an EXCELLENT patch experience. Thank you also for nerfing boss abilities which had become annoyingly redundant, such as Ionar’s disperse in HoL and Tharon’ja’s fleshstealing in DTK. I know the scripted events are hard to speed up (CoS, Brann in HoS), but can we at least get more harpoons on Skadi now?
  • To RNG: The only upgrades for me from the new 5-mans are the Scorpion trinket from FoS (for cat) and the Snowflake trinket from HoR (for resto)…It’s been two weeks, can I at least see it drop once? (Same for the Battered Hilt, for that matter.) Actually, that reminds me…To any of you wonderful resto druid bloggers out there, *smiles beatifically at Kae* can you tell me if the Talisman of Resurgence is worth buying? Currently using Egg of Mortal Essence and Energy Siphon. (I’ve heard conflicting things about the Snowflake, so just waiting to try that one.)
  • To all tanks: The skeleton two-pull at the very beginning of FoS is very soloable, if you’re still hell-bent on farming for the Hilt. Got bored last night, and found I can easily kill that two-pull, stealth past the next two five-pulls, kill the next two-pull, and run back out and reset.

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